Phoenix detox lounger

The Phoenix Detox Lounger was invented by renowned Belgian acupuncturist Guy Leta. After several years of fine-tuning, this innovative product has proved its health benefits to the general population and professional athletes.

What is it?

The Phoenix Detox Lounger is a revolutionary and unique lounge chair. The combination of nourishing heat from the lava stone and the properties of gemstones detoxifies, de-acidifies and purifies the body.

How does it work?

osteopalma_phoenix_detox_lounger-01Daily stress, sports, bad eating habits and air pollution can result in accelerated acidification of our tissues. The unique heat saturation of the Phoenix Detox Lounger works from the inside out. The heat builds up in the body, and then the detoxification and de-acidification systems kick in. After reaching the saturation point, the body waste is excreted via the skin, the lungs and the kidneys or brought to the liver for processing. The gemstones provide minerals and properties in order to enhance this process. For athletes this translates in faster recovery, better elimination of lactic acid, and a boost in the cardio-vascular system.

Come try your first session for free and feel the change.

“After a few sessions, your body will feel healthier, cleaner and more energized.”

To find out more about the Phoenix Detox Lounger, visit the official website.

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