Hello, we are OsteoPalma... and we’re here to provide you with some amazing life & health management plans. Do you need pain relief, a more relaxed body, a healthier diet, an increase in your sports performance or a strengthening of your mind? Our holistic approach and skilled team will cater to all your needs and will make you feel cared for. Don’t hesitate… change doesn’t happen while sitting at home.

Boyan Dobrev


Osteopath D.O. - Health coach

Christian J.P. Verheughe


Osteopath D.O. - Life & health coach

Jorge Aranda

Jorge Osteopath Osteopata Osteopalma Mallorca

Osteopath PhD MSc Ped Ost

Natalia Flores


Sports Massage Therapist

Verity Furse

Verity massage therapist osteopalma mallorca

Sports Massage Therapist