Luján Arias

Luján Arias

Osteopath – Spanish Register of Osteopaths (ROE) member nº 783

English – Español – Français

Luján’s path to a career in health began when she was introduced to osteopathy while pursuing a professional dance career in Belgium. It was her first pregnancy that ignited her passion for osteopathy and, from that point on, osteopathy accompanied her throughout her pregnancy.

From there, it was very clear to her that she needed to study and practice osteopathy, specializing in women’s and children’s health. So, during her studies and after them, she specialized in Osteopathy related to gynaecology and pediatrics with recognized European osteopaths.

She graduated from the only officially recognized school of Osteopathy in her native country, Argentina, -Escuela Argentina de Osteopatía-, where she also acquired the experience of teaching in the field of gynaecology

Since the pandemic, she has collaborated with the renowned Canadian osteopath, Nathalie Camirand, assisting her in her international post-graduate courses.

Luján uses her knowledge of osteopathy to treat humans and has additionally expanded her knowledge to treat horses. Horses have been something she has been passionate about all her life. This led to a specialized master’s degree in England, in animal osteopathy, and she also worked as a veterinary assistant.

Along with her family, Luján enjoys traveling and spending time doing activities out in nature.

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