Marc Köhler


Osteopath – Acupuncturist – Physiotherapist

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From my own experiences in competitive sports, I was fascinated by the human body and its capabilities for performance and recovery from an early age.

I finally found my way to physiotherapy in 2010 and graduated 2013 as a physiotherapist in Kiel.

During my education I noticed my interest in gaining deeper knowledge over the human Body and it`s functions.

That’s why I decided to graduate a five-year course in osteopathy in Germany from 2011-2016.

During my education, I was looking for ways to apply learned and to refine techniques by providing physiotherapy support to a football team and athletes.

In four years of employment, I was able to gain a wide range of patients and experience in the field of osteopathy.

My children and sports had always been a high priority in my life.

So, I decided in 2017 to establish my own business to develop new treatment approaches with a specialization in sports and pediatric osteopathy.

Since then a holistic, efficient and cause-related approach from osteopathy, acupuncture and training methods has been dispatch, which makes it possible to achieve sustainable therapeutic success.

As a member of the VOD and a state-recognized physiotherapist, we can sometimes bill you with German health insurance companies.


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