A New Osteopath In Palma!

We are delighted to present to you the newest member of our team at osteopalma. Having discovered osteopathy at a younger age during her competitive sporting career. Federica has a wide range of experiences treating from new borns to elderly, rehabilitation to professional athletes. She is moving to Mallorca from the other side of the world, to gain further experiences and widen her knowledge. Apart from being a very good osteopath, her in depth knowledge in treating babies and children will be great addition to the osteopalma team and the care of babies and children on mallorca.

What is this fascia all about‽

What is this fascia all about‽

The short answer is: Fascia is everywhere. It surrounds all organs, blood vessels, bones, nerves, and muscles. Fascia is also very sensitive and highly innervated and acts as a support and protective system for all internal structures.

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