Why is a good posture important?

Why is a good posture important?

From an anatomical aspect, good posture helps to center the weight over your feet, that’s why the phrase “stand up straight” is often used. Evolutionary, the benefits of good posture were being taller, reaching higher, and seeing further. Additionally, balanced spinal curvatures act as a spring and shock absorber to lessen the impact of daily activities and improve the mobility of the ribs for better respiration.

Nerves along the spine and in the spinal column run more freely to organs and muscles, to improve their function.

Good posture should be regarded as essential to your well-being along the lines of a healthy diet, good sleep, and physical activity. It helps your body to function better and more efficiently so that you have more energy to spend on daily activities.

It is the pillar upon which other activities and functions are built rather than a burden or struggle, it should come easy because it is the position that is naturally supported by our bodies.

It is no coincidence that when looking at individuals with good posture standing tall with their shoulders back, they seem healthier and more self-confident. Assuming their space in the world instead of trying to hideaway.

Controversially, in today’s society positive and good habits such as standing instead of sitting, walking instead of driving, and lifting your phone instead of looking down are being noted as different and should be applauded and copied instead of pointed out.

Due to many lifestyle and work-related habits, good posture has become difficult for many to achieve and sustain. But this compromised posture which you may or may not be aware of can come from restrictions that don’t allow for full movement rather than being a result of bad habits.