New osteopath at OsteoPalma, specialised in women’s health and treating babies and children

Yes, you are seeing it correctly! This is the new face of OsteoPalma in the picture above! 

We are welcoming osteopath Luján Arias as our newest team member. 

María specialises in everything related to women’s health and treating babies and children. 

Of course, everyone is in very good hands with Luján.

On top of that, Luján adds an extra language to OsteoPalma: she speaks French fluently. Next to Spanish and English, this means that we are now able to assist you in French! We are happy to expand our multilingual practice and make everyone feel at home.

 It is possible to book a treatment with Luján on Thursday and Friday through our website.

 Constantin, Andrés, Laura and Luján

What is this fascia all about‽

What is this fascia all about‽

The short answer is: Fascia is everywhere. It surrounds all organs, blood vessels, bones, nerves, and muscles. Fascia is also very sensitive and highly innervated and acts as a support and protective system for all internal structures.

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